Our story

ff1The story starts from the early 1990s when Mr. Jean Marc Bruno, an expert from France’s Le Nôtre Paris world-famous school for ice cream and pastries training, and Mr. Gérard Taurin (World Champion of Frozen Desserts in Turin, Italy) successfully launched the famous traditional French ice cream in Vietnam.
In order to ensure the quality of premium ice cream, essential ingredients are imported from France and famous areas of exclusive ingredients from all over the world. Delicious and nutritious sorbets are produced under traditional French recipes and the freshest fruits. Particularly, local Vietnamese fruits or tropical fruits have become essential ingredients for ice creams served in top five-star hotels and restaurants in Vietnam.

Câu chuyện FannyInspired by a famous movie adapted from a novel by Marcel Pagnol, one of the greatest French writers in the 20th century and a symbol of immortality; Bruno affectionately named his brainchild Fanny... Full of emotions, fresh as a glass of Pastis summer wine, hailing the Midi region and the tales of the Vieux-Port harbor...

From there, Fanny - The premium ice cream was born.

Our philosophy is to place quality as top priority. Every step in the entire process counts, from identifying supplying areas for raw ingredients, assuring ingredients’ quality, processing, to finishing the products, all are strictly controlled and followed the international food safety standards. Not only does Fanny produce traditional ice creams, we also continuously drive innovations to create hundreds of ice cream variants which are unique, tasty, and artistic such as Ice Cream Cakes, Micorazon, Mochi, Cubic, Fanstick and exotic ice cream drinks.

With the desire to bring the opportunity to enjoy delicious five-star French ice creams to Vietnamese people and tourists, Fanny has continuously expanded ice cream stores and work with thousands of distribution partners nationwide.
In addition to high-end hotels, restaurants, cafes, ice cream lovers are able to enjoy our products at the comfort of their homes with Fanny ice cream boxes, or anywhere with Fanny ice cream miniboxes or bars Fanstick, which can be easily found in most supermarkets and convenience stores.


Especially, Fanny's stores designed with a romantic and elegant ambience have become a popular venue for daters, friends and families where old memories are told and new stories have started. The luscious flavour of every ice cream bite brings some inspiration, and peace of mind contrast to the hustle out there.
After over 20 years of development, Fanny is proud to be the leading ice cream producer in Vietnam with hundreds of well-trained staff, a huge store chain, and thousands of distribution partners. Fanny currently owns an ice cream European standard production plant and is going to grow business scale to give birth to more unique and savoring products in years to come.

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