Our partners

With the desire to reach more customers and bring the ultimate convenience to our valuable customers, Fanny does not limit the distribution channel exclusively through retail store chains but always develop the distribution network by cooperating with strategic partners on various channels.
As a premium brand with more than 20 years of experience in producing and distributing ice cream, Fanny commits to strategic partners with the most competitive values to ensure the sustainable development of both parties.
  • International standard quality ensured with premium materials selected carefully and a state-of-the-art technology in production stage
  • Reasonable pricing strategy and a wide range of product line
  • Professional service: business consultancy, operation support and post purchasing services.

Business consultancy

 Fanny provides you with professional consultancy on products, pricing strategy and customised menu.

Operational support

  • Legal access to intangible assets including image, logo and other exclusive information related to brand identity.
  • Professional training for employees
  • POSM support: standee, logo box, frame, menu, freezer, poster, flyer, customized menu, glass, scoop, spoon...
  • Customized ice cream flavour upon request

After-sale service

  • Training support for new employees
  • Reliable and fast delivery within day with professional personnel
  • Freezer maintenance
  • Promotion campaigns consultancy for both B2B and B2C, to help increase revenue and number of loyal customers 
In addition to current retail stores, Fanny also cooperate with many distribution channels as follows:
- Coffee shops, restaurants (Passio, Tokyo Deli, Koi, Soho, BBQ Garden, Colowide VN...)
- Premium Horeca (Merperle Resorts & Hotels, Michelia, Vinpearl, Oxalis Phong Nha...)
- Super premium Horeca (Sheraton, Caravelle, Newworld, Park Hyatt, Legend Lotte, Eon51...)
- Modern trade (Big C, Coopmart, Aeon, Aeon Citimart, Fivimart, Familymart...)
If you are interested in becoming our partner, please contact our Sales department via:
Email: salesdept@tncgroup.com.vn
Tel: (08) 3556 3999
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