Why choose us?

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100% natural ingredients

All ice cream lines of Fanny are produced under the traditional French recipes with the purest and finest ingredients guaranteed 100% natural origin. The key factor contributing to excellent quality of our final products is the scrutiny of raw materials selection, ensuring each ice cream line is a perfect "cool version" of its origin ingredient. Therefore, they all possess a distinctly natural taste and scent without using any preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

Temperate fruits including kiwi fruit, Granny Smith green apple, etc... are all imported directly from the country of origin; tropical fruits are selected from famous regions of specialty in Vietnam at the most ideal time in year. For example, coconut from Ben Tre, mango from Cat Chu, durian from Cai Mon, passion fruit of Da lat, and pineapple of Long An. All are purchased right at the point when they are in best status in terms of ripeness, colour, taste, and scent.
Other spices and special ingredients are purchased or imported from the top suppliers on the world. Particularly, milk, cream and butter are from highland of Vietnam (Dalat Milk), New Zealand and Australia; premium chocolate from Belgium; pure matcha powder is from Kyoto, Japan; macadamia from America; vanilla from Madagascar.


The art of ice cream

Creating premium ice cream from 100% natural ingredients is truly a challenge to ice cream experts, and Fanny is the one who did it through the exact calculation and ideal balance among many different factors. At Fanny, our ice cream experts have researched and developed specific formula for each ice cream line based on the key ingredient such as degree of ripeness, origin and interaction between main ingredient and other supplements, ensuring to preserve perfectly the unique flavour and stable quality of each ice cream line without using any preservatives or artificial colours and flavours.

Especially, each ice cream served is always regarded as an "art-work" which reflects limitless creativity and high sense of aesthetics, transferring special images of life in the most lively and vibrant way from the perspective of ice cream artists.

Also, through the special ingredients and famous spices selected from regions of specialty around the world, each ice cream lines at Fanny have become perfect representatives for quintessence cuisine from West to East and are appreciated by many gourmets.

Nutritious choices

The strict supervision in materials selection and production stage and the commit to use 100% natural ingredients are the two key factors ensuring the safety degree and nutrition of Fanny's ice cream.

The raw materials is selected carefully in terms of origin, species and quality. Then, under the traditional French recipes in combination with the most advanced manufacturing chain, ice cream are produced and become excellent products which not only satisfy your taste buds but also contain many health benefits:
  • Provide energy through various sources of carbohydrate: fresh fruits, milk, nutritious nuts, chocolate...
  • Provide vitamins and minerals like calcium, phosphate; vitamin A, C, D, E, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, folate, K...


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