Coconut ice cream

Kem Mix Berries Cookies


  • Ben Tre Coconut,
  • Skimmed milk,
  • Whipping cream,
  • Butter,
  • Fresh milk,
  • Sugar,
  • Glucose. 

What's special about me:

Currently ranked at No. 3 in favourite list at Fanny, Coconut ice cream with main ingredient is 100% fresh coconut meat and coconut water, processed subtly and carefully to bring to customers the feeling of truest sense of the natural coconut flavor. When enjoying Coconut ice cream, customers will enjoy the fleshy characteristics of fresh coconut, sweet taste and a little fat of fresh cream combined with finely chopped coconut meat, the unique flavor of tropical specialties. Moreover, not only Vietnamese but also a lot of foreigners has been completely conquered by Fanny taste of Coconut ice cream.
Ice cream box 125ml and 500ml of Fanny is available at Fanny's stores, restaurants, coffee shops, super markets and convenience stores nationwide.

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