Durian sorbet

Cai Mon or Sau Ri Durian, fresh milk, sugar, glucose.
Kem Mix Berries Cookies


  • Cai Mon or Sau Ri Durian,
  • Fresh milk,
  • Sugar,
  • Glucose.

What's special about me:

Choosing the right Durian fruits is not simple. Having deep roots in Vietnam, Fanny has been able to locate the very best producers, and even more important, to determine the best time of the year to hand pick the very best fruits. This, with Fanny's secret recipe, is the key factor to achieve the “real frozen Durian”, that discerning Durian lovers know so well. The research and development process has not been quick or easy, quite the contrary, but the compliments we regularly receive from Durian lovers show that our efforts have been rewarded. If you are a true Durian lover, here is the sorbet you don't want to miss (unless you are afraid of becoming addicted ... that's the only risk).

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