Pistachio ice cream

Kem Mix Berries Cookies


  • French Pistachio nuts,
  • Skimmed milk,  
  • Butter,
  • Fresh milk,
  • Whipping cream,
  • Sugar,
  • Glucose.

What's special about me:

Not only known by its attractive scent and rich flavour, pistachio is also classified as a nutritious nut with many anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. In order to utilize these wonderful features, Fanny has decided to import premium pistachio nuts directly from France, then combine it with a mixture of butter, sugar, cream and milk to create the delicious and nutritious Pistachio ice cream. When visiting Fanny, don't forget to try this special flavour!

Ice cream box 125ml and 500ml of Fanny is available at Fanny's stores, restaurants, coffee shops, super markets and convenience stores nationwide.

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