Re-Opening Fanny Ton That Thiep, a must-go destination for ice cream lovers

As a premium ice cream brand in Vietnam, Fanny has once again impressed its customers through a renovation campaign of all ice cream stores and a bran new fantastic menu set.

Fanny Ton That Thiep in a brand new look - a must-go destination for gourmets and international tourists

Situated in an ideal position of the city centre with just a few steps to Nguyen Hue walking street and Takashimaya mall, Fanny Ton That Thiep is not only a familiar rest stop of local gourmets but have also been introduced on many travel channels worldwide, welcoming a large number of international tourists from Japan, Hong Kong, America and Europe everyday. Especially, this is also the Fanny store which proudly to be visited by Christian Ha, American Masterchef 2012 during her trip in Vietnam in 2013.
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Built in a beautiful mansion in centre of Saigon, Fanny Ton That Thiep was officially opened on 24th of this September after a short time closing for renovation. With classic design in warm brown tone and decorated elegantly by vintage photos of Fanny movie, France, The Sword Lake, Ben Thanh market, and Ao dai, Fanny Ton That Thiep is truly a wonderful place where luxurious Paris meets the pure soul of Vietnam.

Owning a striking large space, Fanny Ton That Thiep is also the place where 'Ice cream Paradise' takes place weekly, a great choice for small and cozy meetings, a romantic place for dating couples.

The art of ice cream from 100% natural ingredient

Creating premium ice cream from 100% natural ingredients is a real challenge to ice cream experts, and Fanny is the one who did it through the exact calculation and ideal balance among many different factors. At Fanny, our ice cream experts have researched and developed specific formula for each ice cream line based on the key ingredient such as degree of ripeness, origin and interaction between key ingredient and other supplements, ensuring to preserve perfectly the unique flavour and stable quality of each ice cream line without using any preservatives or artificial colours and flavours.
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Also, through the special ingredients and famous spices selected from regions of specialty around the world, each ice cream line at Fanny has become perfect representatives for quintessence cuisine from West to East and they are all highly recommended by many gourmets.

All raw materials are selected from the top suppliers worldwide. For example, chocolate ice cream is made of pure chocolate imported from Belgium, or Vanilla, a very popular flavour but Fanny only uses the natural vanilla beans from Madagascar. Therefore when you try this classic flavour at Fanny, you will definitely feel a striking difference compared to others.

Especially, each ice cream served is always regarded as an "art-work" which reflects limitless creativity and high sense of aesthetics, transferring special images of life in the most lively and vibrant way from the perspective of ice cream artists.

Fanny, the name of premium quality and limitless creativity

As a premium ice cream brand in Vietnam since 1994, Fanny has become a favourite name of many local and foreign gourmets thanks to its various choices in ice cream and drinks, with top quality and professional service.

Once experience the special menu of Fanny, you will sure be impressed by its diversity and exotic choices inside. With passion and limitless creativity, Fanny not only focuses on traditional and popular ice cream like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry... but also searches for tropical and local specialties such as young rice, ginger, cinnamon, soursop, and passion fruit.... In addition, base on ice cream as a key ingredient, Fanny has combined it with tea, cocktail, coffee... to create exotic and unique drinks which you can hardly find elsewhere...
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To experience our premium ice cream and discover special gift in the opening day, don't hesitate to visit Fanny Ton That Thiep this weekend!

Address: Fanny Ton That Thiep: 29-31 Ton That Thiep, Ben Nghe Ward, Dist.1, HCM City
 For further information, please visit: or
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