Fanny Ice Cream

[Sorbet] Fanny Mango 100ml

Western of South Vietnam mango, sugar, glucose, mineral water.
Kem Mix Berries Cookies


  • Western of South Vietnam mango,
  • Sugar,
  • Glucose,
  • Mineral water.

What's special about me:

Thanks to many years in Vietnam, Fanny knows where and when to pick the very best mangoes. As always, that is a prerequisite to create any excellent ice cream or sorbet: use no ingredients but the best. To preserve the characteristic texture of the fruit, our recipe includes the fiber layer of the mango fruit. Naturally, Fanny's recipe is not just about texture, but mainly about preserving all the aromas of fresh hand-picked fruits. When enjoying Fanny's Mango sorbet, connoisseurs will recognize the complex flavours the very best fresh mangoes express. Here stands Fanny's mission: create frozen delight, but never alter the subtle complex aroma from Mother Nature.

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